A JaNiece Rush Company

why we exist

We believe families are one of a kind. Not just anyone can possess a mother's love, a father's gentle guidance, a spouse's commitment, or a grandparent's age-old wisdom. We exist to ensure that family bond is never broken. As an apprentice, you'll receive free room and board, a full-time salary, paid time off, and access to the latest and greatest insider infomation.

Free Room and Board

Enjoy your own private room without pesky living expenses.

Ongoing Support

Access a host of podcasts, insider tips, and exclusive content from professionals who work with some of Hollywood's biggest stars!

Massive Earnings

On average, our apprentices make approximately $2,000/month!

Career Opportunities

Many of our apprentices go on to establish rewarding, six-figure careers as staff for some of the world's most distinguished clients.

Amazing Cities

With positions near New York City, LA, Miami, and more, you can explore some of the swankiest cities in America.

Valuable Experience

With free technical training in everything from budgeting and digital software to cooking, etiquette, and white glove conduct, our lessons will last a lifetime.

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An apprentice private assistant at work.
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